CALLING ALL DOCTORS Take 2! EMR Software Opinions Wanted

One of my readers came upon a post that Dr. Jeff did back in July of 2009 called CALLING ALL DOCTORS! EMR Software Opinions Wanted. They loved reading the comments about the various EMR and EHR vendors (I did too) and they thought maybe it was time to call for doctors to offer their opinions and evaluations again. So, here’s some sections of the original post to get you thinking:

This is a SHOUT OUT to all doctors who use EMRs. Which EMRs do you use and how do you like them. Do you love them or hate them? Are you luke warm in your like or dislike? Tell us which EMR you have and how you feel about it. Also tell us what you would do (the mistakes and the good moves) if you were looking into getting an EMR at this time.

Can you comment on the cost and the usability?. Let’s share information so we can help other doctors choose systems that are usable, simple to learn, effective and efficient.

If you don’t have an EMR and are looking into one, what questions would you have for those “who have gone before you”? What advice would you be interested in receiving?

Also, if you’re someone who likes to hear a doctor’s perspective on EMR and EHR, check out this just launched blog called The Wired EMR Doctor where Dr. Koriwchak will be writing about EMR and EHR from a doctor’s perspective. We’ve primed it with 8 or so posts to get him started. I think you’ll enjoy it.