Google Plus for EMR and Helathcare IT

Considering the amazing adoption of Google Plus, I imagine that many readers of this site are using it. I must admit that I got a little bit of a slow start to Google Plus since I was traveling for 2 weeks. However, I’ve started to dive in head first and see what it’s about. I’m still not sure exactly how this will be used in the future. Although, I’ve already seen some potential for amazing discussions to happen on Google Plus.

You can find me on Google Plus if you’d like to add me to your circle. I’d of course be happy to add any of you to my EMR and Healthcare IT circle.

I’m not really sure where Google Plus is going to lead, but I do know that the more people I connect with on it the more I like it. So, I’m interested in connecting with a lot more EMR and healthcare IT people.

I’d also love to hear what others like or dislike about Google Plus. How are you using it? How do you think it will fit in with other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? I’d love to hear your thoughts.