Certified Open Source EHR

I’ve been writing about the various open source EHR software options for about 5.5 years right now. I’ve been intrigued with open source for much longer, so it just made natural sense for one of the first things for me to look at would be the various open source EHR options.

5.5 years ago the open source EHR market (although EHR really wasn’t in vogue yet back then) had a solid foundation, but still had quite a ways to go for it to be a great option for doctors interested in an open source EHR option.

I haven’t done an in depth look at the various open source EHR options for a while (I should), but I think the fact that many open source EHR software are now certified EHR and can help physicians show meaningful use and receive EHR incentive money is a good sign. Most of you know that I’m not a big fan of EHR certification, but I do believe that EHR certification takes a certain level of commitment to be able to achieve. Therefore, I think it’s a great sign that the open source EHR options have enough steam and commitment behind them to become certified EHR.

A recent Open Health News post listed the following certified open source EHR:
Ambulatory Open Source EHR
Tolven eCHR
Vista (inpatient) Open Source EHR
WorldVistA EHR
Other (inpatient) Open Source EHR
Indian Health Services’ RPMS

I’d love to hear reviews and experiences that people have working with open source EHR software.