Results of EHR Motivation Poll

A few months back I posted a poll asking “Which Factor most influences your EHR use?” I was really interested to see the results of this poll since I often think that most clinics are so blinded by the EHR stimulus money that they lose touch with the reality of running a clinic.

Here’s the results from the poll:

As you can see, the results are pretty dramatic. At least the majority of readers of EMR and EHR are implementing an EHR for something more than the EHR incentive money. This is a very heartening thing for me. Not that any clinic should ignore meaningful use and the EHR incentive, but I’m glad that most are focusing on the benefits of an EHR to their clinic more than meaningful use and government handouts.

This gives me added motivation to start a series of posts on EMR and HIPAA about the various EMR and EHR benefits not related to EHR incentive money. I hope that series will help those implementing an EHR find all the benefits possible from EHR use. Watch for that over the next couple days.