11 Reasons Why Healthcare is So Screwed Up

If you don’t read the GetReferralMD blog, you should go and check it out now. It is always chock full of strong opinions and thoughts on healthcare that will make you take a step back and consider what’s really going on in healthcare. This post I found on the 11 Reasons Healthcare is Messed Up is a good example. Here is the list of 11 reasons for those that don’t want to go read the full post:

1. Insurance Companies
2. Excessive Regulation
3. Shortage of Doctors
4. Medical Advances
5. Paper
6. Ignorance
7. Choice to Die
8. McDonalds
9. Cluster $#@! Of EMR’s
10. Healthcare Vs. Military
11. Pharmaceutical Companies

Of course, you should click over and read the full post. It’s chock full of commentary and explanation for each post. He basically brings out the big guns and says what a lot of people don’t say about healthcare. I don’t necessarily agree with all of them, but he does provide something interesting to chew on. Although, I do particularly like his call out of paper and the fax machines that continue to print out that paper at an extraordinary rate in healthcare.

As an entrepreneur, I also look at this list and think that it’s the perfect time for some companies to come and disrupt the current model. Any time there is pain in a system, there is also opportunity to relieve that pain.