EHR Apps, EHR Early Adopters, and EHR Backlash

I love this approach. The challenge is that this likely has to be built from the ground up with this in mind. Is any EHR on that trajectory now?

I applaud all the early adopters of EMR (yes, if you were an early adopter it was EMR and not EHR). I’d love to hear more from those who were adopting EMR early on. I started with EMR 8 years ago. So, I wasn’t really early in adoption, but I was one of the early EMR bloggers.

I think the concept of EHR Backlash is interesting. The link in the above tweet is to a post I did on EMR and HIPAA that’s been one of my most popular posts ever. I really think it’s a look into the future of the EMR environment. I think most doctors will appreciate that post.