Health IT and Worker Burnout — #HITsm Chat Highlights

We continue to test various methods to incorporate video into the #HITsm chats. This week a few of us got together to talk about what was said during the #HITsm chat. You can see the video embedded below. It was pretty fun to kind of wrap up what was tweeted during the #HITsm chat. Let us know what you think of the video below. We’re definitely interested in knowing if people like the videos or not. Plus, if you’re interested in participating in one, let us know as well.

Topic One: How might #healthIT CONTRIBUTE to #healthcare worker burnout (#EHR fatigue, etc.)?


Topic Two: How are #healthcare worker burnout factors tracked & measured today (or ARE they)?


Topic Three: How could/should #healthcare worker burnout factor into #healthIT design principles?


Topic Four: How could #healthIT improve the provider experience (reducing burnout risk)?

Topic Five: Should patients have access to #healthcare provider burnout factor ratings & mitigation plans?