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  1. meltoots
    July 14, 2016

    OK…I am taking some advice from a certain author….I am in the full repeal group. MU PQRS has a billion bytes of data, and zero reports of improved care, decreased costs, utilization, usability, efficiency safety security, provider satisfaction, interop. They fuss with the regs every year. Its a nightmare, and should be thrown out. And that means ACI MIPS etc, also.
    Now to what to do…let providers work directly with vendors. No counting, numerators, denominators, no cert hurdles. Let innovation back in. We know what we need and want from our EHR. Too bad CMS, you don’t get to know what we want. We know what we need from an interop level, usability, efficiency, safety, etc. We will demand it.
    At some point, CMS, the US government will understand they are interfering where they are not wanted and are damaging progress, increasing costs, patient care and the physician practice.

    More thoughts on what to do in my unicorn dreamland:
    NO more penalties. Only bonuses for those practices that want to try the “test” and “unproven” programs of CMS, like APM, ACOs, Homes, etc. Stop the crazy bonuses must match penalties thinking. Thats nuts.

    All this being said, CMS hates to hear they failed, they still claim MU was a success, which I feel and most others on the front line feel was a failed policy market and set us back at least 10 years and may have damaged the physician profession beyond repair.

    So I feel that the REBOOT does not go far enough, and without physician front line support, MIPS, MU ACI MACRA, whatever, is doomed to fail. I know that more and more providers are giving up on all this complicated mess and are willing to take the penalty lumps, and just want to focus on patient care.
    We all think its time to just stop the madness. I also feel that CMS will never just give up on their own, so I am resigned to the fact that I will be penalized…which is kinda crazy and our group is the only ortho group at our hospital and according to propublica’s reporting, we are the #1 quality hospital in Ohio for total knees and #8 in total hips, based on complications, readmissions, infections, etc. So I get penalized even though we are the highest quality doctors CMS can get. Every year we discuss leaving Medicare, as we are the only ones left and we really do not need them, they need us. CMS will realize that at some point, probably when its too late.

  2. John Lynn
    July 15, 2016

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. My fear is your last comment. I wonder if Medicare will really suffer if groups like yourself opt out of it.

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