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  1. meltoots
    September 18, 2016

    Lets be perfectly clear here. I get paid less than $1000 for fixing a fractured hip with surgery AND for the 90 days after by Medicare and do it perfectly so you can walk again. Tell me how much it costs if you want a plumber to come to your home and fix something and whatever happens for 90 days after? Or how much does it cost to change the oil in your car? About what we get for an office visit? So don’t start looking at a $70K car or even a $100K car and say we get paid too much. Thats crap. Should we be paying Wall Street folks and bankers millions in bonuses for their contribution to society? We literally save limbs and lives, we should be paid for that, its stressful, difficult, takes more than a decade of training, and believe it or not we put YOUR lives ahead of ours when it comes to driving in at 4am to help you after you fracture you leg and the tibia is poking out in the breeze. We do that. And guess what, the toughest most harrowing difficult operation is a heart transplant, and guess what Medicare pays the surgeon for that (plus 90 days), about $4000. That is the highest they pay for a procedure and the rest are markedly less than that. So do me a favor, take the deal you are getting for us taking care of you. We could stop accepting medicare and insurance and medicaid and we could charge whatever we want, as you lie there in the gurney. But most of us, do our job as part of our duty to society to our patients to be paid somewhat fairly for what we do for you.

    • John Lynn
      September 19, 2016

      I’m not arguing that doctors get paid too much. My personal opinion is that we pay some specialties too much and some too little. Plus, we pay too little for certain procedures and not enough for other procedures. Those are problems that should be fixed. What I am saying is that these things won’t get fixed as long as doctors drive these great cars (and that’s just one example) that give most people the impression that doctors are getting paid more than enough. That’s just a battle of public perception that doctors have to overcome or things won’t change.

      As far as the Wall Street Folks and bankers, that’s an awful argument since everyone that thinks that doctors are overpaid thinks that those groups are overpaid as well. You can’t use one group being overpaid as a justification to be overpaid as well. In fact, it just reinforces in people’s mind that you’re overpaid if you compare yourselves.

      Back to where we started, I agree there are issues with the reimbursement many doctors receive. However, that won’t change if perception about doctors pay doesn’t change.

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