EMR Farce, Connected Health, and Lusty Love Affair with Magic EMR

This is a well reasoned take from John Mandrola, MD on the challenges that EMR has with many doctors. Another entry in the EHR Physician Revolt. The tone of the article is right. Dr. Mandrola isn’t against EHR and technology in general. He’s just against them in their current form. When I say current form, I suggest that is thanks to current billing requirements and other government regulations.

This is related to the first tweet. This shouldn’t be the case.

Wouldn’t we all love an EHR that was connected? Yes, I’m using connected in the broadest terms. I’m talking about connected to patients, connected to hospitals, connected to labs, radiology, insurance companies, nurses, doctors, etc etc etc. A few of those in the list are connected, but far too many of the others aren’t.

This comment by Linda was too good not to point out. She’s right. EMR is here to stay, but the honeymoon period for EMR’s is over. Doctors are starting to ask the right questions when evaluating EHRs. This will make some EHR vendors very happy and others not as much.