Focusing on the Right EMR Goals

I’ve preached this point many times since we heard about the EMR stimulus money, but I can’t help but repeat it over and over so that as many doctors as possible will get the right message. Bill Karmis from Media Spider left the following comment which aligns pretty well with my thoughts on EMR selection:

As you have seen in many of my posts, I believe the real reasoning behind choosing a method and using it should not be based on recovering money for doing so. It should be done for the core reasons that EMR EHR systems were invented.

1 To be more efficient in the workplace.
2 To more effectively collaborate with your peers.
3 To be responsible for the information you are to maintain and a physician.
4 Reclaim valuable office space.

In either case, the stimulus money is a carrot being dangled my our government. The same government that is probably 10 years behind the average technological curve.

The same government that we know puts more spin on everything they get involved with than any individual would be allowed to do.