EHR Benefit, Goodhart’s Law, and EHR Interoperability

Thanks to Sherry for pointing us out to this example of the benefit of EHR. I hope that Sherry’s dad does well in surgery and recovers well.

I think that Charles might be on to something here. The interesting thing to me is that it’s very likely that looking back on the HITECH act, the most valuable part will just be shining the spotlight on EHR. It’s woken a lot of healthcare organizations up to EHR and what was happening with EHR that were in a cozy slumber. I think that’s the most important thing we can do to move healthcare IT forward.

I don’t see this getting better any time soon. Check out the entire Twitter thread for this message to get the full context of the discussion. I’m still bamboozled by why we can all see the value of exchanging data, the technical details have been solved (see HIMSS interoperability showcase) and yet we’re still not sharing data.