Top 12 Electronic Medical Record Software Features

Posted on August 17, 2009 I Written By

I just looked at a website of an EMR consultant who posted this blog entry on his Top 10 Electronic Medical Record Software Features for every Physician. This is what he came up with. Take a look.
1) A fully Integrated EMR Software System as opposed to interfaced systems
2) Integration of EMR Software with ePrescription to receive bonus payments
3) Electronic Medical Record Software that supports PQRI Automation
4) Electronic Medical Software with adaptive learning
5) Secure Portability and access to your electronic medical records even without an internet connection
6) Integrated patient portal – Keeping more in-touch with your patients
7) Electronic Medical Record Software that does not box you into rigid templates
8) Document and Image Management
9) Integrated with voice recognition and handwriting recognition
10) Meets all regulatory and compliance requirements (

My Top Twelve list would go like this:

First of all the EMR has to be: Easy to Use, Simple to Learn, Affordable and it has to make Providers more productive. Without this functionality, none of the other stuff matters!
1. Can document a progress note quickly and efficiently
2. Can ePrescribe
3. Can access medical record information quickly using document management system (lab results, test reports, consultation and hospital reports)
4. Can track Health Maintenance, Chronic Problem Information and Orders
5. Can generate reports for Quality Improvement and Incentive Programs
6. Can connect to other systems via CCD or CCR
7. Allows flexible documentation via typing, dictating, writing and scanning, and drop down menus, templates and pick lists
8. Patient Portal would be nice
9. Interfaces with Scheduling, Billing and Messaging quickly and seamlessly
10. Keeps Patient Medical History Information Stored and Accessible (Allergies, Medications, Past Medical History, Past Surgical History, Habits, Family History and Social History)
11. Quick and Simple ICD-9 and CPT Coding Support
12. Quick and Effective E&M Coding Support

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Is my list better or worse than the list from the EMR Consultant?