Allscripts Acquires Eclipsys

Posted on June 9, 2010 I Written By

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Today, it was announced that Allscripts will acquire Eclipsys for $1.3 billion. This is a really big move and not all that unexpected. We knew that consolidation was coming and for that matter it’s going to keep happening. However, this is a very large merger that has a lot of questions. Allscripts and Eclipsys have created a new site for the acquisition.

Here’s a video of Glen Tullman talking about the acquisition of Eclipsys:

The comments made on the HISTalk post about the merger were really interesting. Here’s just a few:
Allscripts hosted a meeting Monday showing integration options with Eclipsys with some of their mutual clients (NYP, Lahey, etc). This didn’t go well for Allscripts, clients dont like the product and hate the integration obtions. One client calling it an abortion, one other saying it is a good attempt but falls short. They also commented negatively on AllScripts management saying they sell well, but can’t execute. Privately the clients me and to a tee they said Eclipsys new release is what they want with more content, but that AllScripts is well off the mark for a go-forward Ambulatory solutoin. Hopefully Eclipsys will continue to build out thier solution instead of some hokey integration story that Allscripts is touting to make up for their lack of an acute care offering. Does anyone else know anything about this?

From Not Happy:
“Eclipsys, you have over 20 million a year from a client and what did that go to? No enterprise revenue cycle product, 50 million for Bond and Medinotes? Now the investment goes towards 5 plus ambulatory and HIE products? Merger has WAY too many products for the same markets- Ambulatory alone has Mysis, allscripts touchworks, allscripts professional, Eclipsys sunrise amb, Eclipsys peak (bond clinician), and Medinotes.”. Forest Gump take away- RUN, RUN, RUN

From Lazlo Holyfeld:
Smorgasbord. My bet is that Sunset Ambulatory and MyWay get sunsetted in the end. Allscripts has Peak Practice for the small practices while keeping Professional & Enterprise for the big clients. Allscripts did waste some R&D funds on trying to update the source from Aprima to bring MyWay up-to-speed this year especially on the coding/billing side. In the end, it is still a pig with lipstick on it. If you really want MyWay, you are better off with Aprima (iMedica).

As for the HIE aspect, that is the harder part of this to guess what plays ot. Allscripts has several parternships with various HIE vendors but dbMotion is their contracted partner. If a client doesn’t want dbMotion, they have to have a seperate agreement.

More interesting to see what happens with the Eclipsys relationships with Medicity & Microsoft. Less clear on what happens there.