CCHIT’s Gone Quiet

Posted on June 13, 2010 I Written By

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If you’ve read this blog and/or EMR and HIPAA, you’re quite familiar with my feelings about CCHIT. I just don’t see the value that they add for doctors. If they could show me how they help doctors and not just EMR vendors who want a third party validation to sell more product, then I’d be willing to change my mind. But I digress…

Looks like with the new head of CCHIT Karen Bell taking the reigns, the CCHIT blog has mostly gone quiet. Mark Leavitt did post a good bye on his last day. Sadly, not a single person commented on that blog post saying thank you, best of luck, or anything. So much for 1723 readers subscribed to their blog. I honestly feel a little bad that no one commented. While I disagreed with many opinions that Mark and CCHIT represented, Mark always seemed like a very sincere guy that did care.

Besides that, there’s a post about preparing for the EMR stimulus, but it just links to an outside article. Maybe they should link to some of my articles or even my EMR selection e-Book. I bet they’d like that.

I can imagine how frustrating the EMR stimulus must be to them. Not to mention HHS’s inability to finalize the details of EHR certification bodies and meaningful use. They are kind of in a wait and see pattern until HHS finishes their work.

CCHIT did put out a new search tool. I’m just glad they’re not developing EMR software. Their search tool is one of the most confusing things I’ve seen. At least the lists were easy to understand (once I found them).

We’ll see if CCHIT starts blogging again once HHS gives us some meaningful details.