Avoiding the EMR Company Sales Tricks

Posted on October 26, 2010 I Written By

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Today I came across this blog post by the Gerson Lehrman Group (not sure who they are, but the content was good). In their blog post/news post/whatever they like to call it, they suggest 3 risks you should avoid to prevent being a victim of EMR vendor tricks.

With all the confusion going on, there are 3 risks you should avoid when making your EMR selection:
1. Paying too much for an EMR solution;
2. Buying a solution with little or no training or support;
3. Buying from a vendor who currently has or develops financial troubles or goes out of business.

The first two are INCREDIBLY important and I see people falling into those two traps all the time and I can barely understand why. There’s just far too many EMR and EHR vendors out there to be trapped into paying a TON of money for EMR software. Not to mention, many of them are more than willing to give you price quotes so you can compare the pricing.

Plus, don’t underestimate the need of training and support. Make sure that’s part of the package. In fact, many EMR vendors will give you unlimited training and support as part of your purchase. They can provide unlimited because they believe in their system and that you won’t need a TON of support. That’s a great thing.

The third item listed above is a little harder. Certainly there’s some you can do to evaluate where the company is and where the company is going. However, crazy stuff sometimes happens and you couldn’t have been aware of it. So, be aware of the third thing and make sure that there are things in your contract that take care of any situations like this happening.