Late EHR buyers focused on vendor customer service

Posted on February 14, 2011 I Written By

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A new user poll suggests that vendor support is more important than ever to providers  searching for EHRs.  New research from the Black Book Rankings concludes that late adopters of EHRs  are especially concerned about finding vendors who will support their products  through implementation.

Researchers surveyed roughly  30,000 medical  records professionals, hospital execs and medical practice administrators, asking them how vendors rated on 18 performance indicators useful  in comparing customer experience.

The study found that:

* CPSI, Healthland Clinicals  and HMS were rated as offering the best customer  experience for hospitals under 100 beds

* Cerner, Dell and Quadramed  got top rankings for community hospitals  of 101-249 beds

* Dell, Epic  and Siemens were rated best  among major medical centers of 250+ beds and academic medical centers

EHR vendors, are you ready to do a  lot of handholding?  If not, it seems you may get edged out by EHR developers who are. Consider yourself warned.