EMR Mobile Integrations

Posted on April 7, 2011 I Written By

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I can’t quite figure out why EMR software was been so slow to integrate with various mobile technologies. Certainly we’ve seen quite a bit of effort when it comes to EMR and the iPad. However, I’m talking more about patient focused mobile apps.

I started thinking about this when I saw the video below. It’s a sales video, but demos some interesting mobile features that I think should be part of most EMR software:

Something as simple as appointment reminders should be part of every EMR, but sadly it’s not and I’m not sure why. I’m sure some will cry HIPAA, but that’s a total cop out. Besides the fact that you can obtain consent, you can text an appointment reminder without violating HIPAA. It’s not that much different than an automated call system calling to remind them for the appointment.

The automatic welcome text with directions to the office is a nice touch too. Some of the Cisco mobile integrations I’ve seen before in a few EMR, but it definitely adds to the complexity of the EMR implementation. That’s something that I think you have to be careful with as an EMR vendor.

However, the mobile nurse notification is something that could be really interesting. This is a little harder to implement properly since you need to balance the nurses need to know the information and alert fatigue. Or in other words you don’t want to bombard the nurse with so many messages that she stops looking at them because there’s too many and many are outdated since she can’t keep up with the messages.

What about using the bump or bump like technologies to give patients their clinical summaries on their mobiles to satisfy the meaningful use requirements? I’m sure there’s many more.

Why don’t we see more functions like this? Sadly, I’m afraid the answer is that these features won’t likely sell more EMR software.