101 Tips to Make Your EMR and EHR More Useful – EHR Tips 61-65

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Time for the second entry covering Shawn Riley’s list of 101 Tips to Make your EMR and EHR More Useful. I hope you’re enjoying the series.

65. Don’t forget LEAN and Six-Sigma
I can’t say I’ve ever heard of someone in the ambulatory EHR market using LEAN or Six-Sigma. Maybe it could apply. I’m not sure since I’ve never done it. So, I can’t really comment on it either way. Although, I’ve heard some people who love both. I’d be interested to hear readers thoughts on this tip.

64. Remember the EMR is not the end-all, be-all of quality
EMR is just an EMR. It’s what you do with your EMR that matters. I always to suggest deciding what you want to accomplish with your EMR before you implement it. Then, you have a measure to select an EMR. Goals when you’re implementing the EMR and measures when you’re evaluating your EMR implementation.

63. Ensure the product has expandability for other service lines
Are you planning to expand? Is there any possibility to expand? Make sure your EMR can expand with you. Switching EHR is terrible.

62. What are the reporting skill sets necessary
Making sure the EMR you select has the reporting you need is a given. Knowing how many people on the planet have the skills needed to run those reports is even more important. It’s never fun to be at the whim of the EMR vendor to get the data that you need.

61. Don’t be afraid of low cost or open source products
Open source EMR has come a long way and is a reasonable option to consider for many. Just be sure to calculate the other costs related to using open source software since you won’t have to pay for the software itself, but you might have to pay for other development, integration and/or support.

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