Going Beyond Free EHR – Paying Doctors to Use Your EHR

Posted on September 1, 2011 I Written By

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I still remember the first time I heard about Practice Fusion offering a Free EHR. My first response was, “Really?” Of course, having Practice Fusion as an advertiser, being on stage at the Practice Fusion User Group meeting and a number of other interactions with other Free EHR vendors like Mitochon Systems (also an advertiser) has opened my eyes into the real business model behind the “Free EHR” software.

As I thought on the Free EHR business model, I wondered whether some EHR vendor will come out and actually pay doctors to use their EHR software. Yes, that’s right…

An EHR Vendor that Pays Doctors to use EHR.

I haven’t seen one yet, but I could see it happening. It’s not a business model that I would navigate, but I wonder how the Free EHR vendors would react if a well funded venture backed EHR company came out and offered to pay doctors to use their software. Basically, this new company would be doing to the Free EHR vendors what Free EHR vendors did to the rest of the EHR industry.

Would someone really have the moxie to do such a move?

Would the ads, research or other revenue models play out so well that someone could pay doctors to use an EHR?

I’m not talking about the government paying doctors to use an EHR. That’s a different thing all together. Maybe the EHR vendor that does it could be one that’s a sinking ship and making a last ditch effort to somehow monetize their EHR since their EHR software is great, but their EHR marketing is lacking. What better way to improve the marketing of your EHR than paying doctors to use it?