A Network of Networks – Major EHR Developments Per Halamka

Posted on October 18, 2011 I Written By

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In my ongoing series of Major EHR Developments from John Halamka (see my previous EHR In The Cloud and Modular EHR Software posts), his third major EHR development from the Technology Review article is: A Network of Networks.

Halamka basically says:
-Most people think doctors and hospitals exchange healthcare information (they don’t)
-New standards are being integrated with EHR that will make it happen
-There won’t be one large database of health records
-Many regional data exchanges are happening
-There will be multiple Health Information Service Providers (HISPs)

I agree with most of these ideas. Although, I think it still faces two major challenges.

The first challenge is the standards challenge. Sure we have CCD. Oh wait, we have CCR. Oh wait, they merged, kind of. Oh wait, now CCD has multiple flavors. Oh wait, what kind of standard is it if there are multiple standards of the standard? I think you see my point.

The second challenge is whether HISPs and the other regional data exchanges have a viable future. I’ve talked to a lot of people about these exchanges and I have yet to hear someone clearly articulate a viable model for these exchanges. My favorite was the HIE expert who told me they’d figured out the model for HIE. So, I asked what it was and they gave me some convoluted answer that made no sense to me. Maybe I’ve just missed it, but I’d love to hear someone try to describe a viable HIE model.

I do predict we’ll see Fax slowly phase out over time. Although, I think it will more likely be replaced with a fax like service on the internet (Direct Project?) as opposed to some other sort of Data Exchange. It will probably best be described as Fax 2.0.