Great 140 Character Sound Bites from Ron Sterling at EHR Summit by HBMA

Posted on November 18, 2011 I Written By

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I’ve been having a really great time all day at the EHR Summit by HBMA. It’s been an event with some really interesting content and a lot of people who really understand the underpinnings of the EMR industry. Most of the people I’ve met are those running their companies and so they’re very interesting to talk with.

Instead of doing a summary, I was basically live tweeting the sessions I attended on @ehrandhit. Ron Sterling was the keynote yesterday and the guy was like sound bite after sound bite. It made it perfect for live tweeting. So, I’m dedicating this post to all my tweets during Ron Sterling’s keynote at the EHR Summit. I know you’ll glean a lot of interesting perspectives from it.!/ehrandhit/status/137184627797397504!/ehrandhit/status/137185878060703744!/ehrandhit/status/137186748798214146!/ehrandhit/status/137188691104890880!/ehrandhit/status/137189519979065344!/ehrandhit/status/137189839010410496!/ehrandhit/status/137190521700483072!/ehrandhit/status/137191707673497600!/ehrandhit/status/137192432063356928!/ehrandhit/status/137193082004316160!/ehrandhit/status/137194619682299904!/ehrandhit/status/137196714535821312!/ehrandhit/status/137197709097570304!/ehrandhit/status/137198800543555584!/ehrandhit/status/137198992772702208!/ehrandhit/status/137200318369898496!/ehrandhit/status/137201007007498240!/ehrandhit/status/137203401061699584!/ehrandhit/status/137204288928751616!/ehrandhit/status/137206387909468160!/ehrandhit/status/137206682110541824!/ehrandhit/status/137207286937554945!/ehrandhit/status/137208414068682752!/ehrandhit/status/137209976077824000!/ehrandhit/status/137210243959635968!/ehrandhit/status/137211060372508672!/ehrandhit/status/137213019309604864