US EMR Market to Exceed $8 Billion in 2016

Posted on January 2, 2012 I Written By

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Even though, I’ve moved a lot of my EMR market discussion to the other site, every once in a while I’ll drop in some EMR market stuff on here as well. In the article linked in my Costco EMR post, they discussed the size of the EMR market:

Millennium Research Group said in its November report, “U.S. Markets for Electronic Medical Records 2012,” that the U.S. market for EMRs will exceed $8 billion by 2016, with the fastest-growing segment occurring in the small-practice market. Web-based EMRs that don’t require an expensive information technology infrastructure are contributing to the growth, the report said, because they are an affordable option for small practices on tight budgets.

I always hate when they don’t split the EHR market into ambulatory EHR and hospital EHR. I also still haven’t figure out a good way to reconcile that the EMR market in the US will be $8 billion in 2016, but we’ll have spent a good portion of the $36 billion of EHR stimulus money by 2016. Those two numbers don’t jive very well.

I also find it interesting that the fastest-growing segment of the EMR market is the small-practices. I’m not sure I agree with this. I think the larger sales and hospital EHR sales are brisker than the small practice EMR market. Much of the small practice market is still “waiting and seeing.”