Emdeon’s EHR Lite

Posted on January 6, 2012 I Written By

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I’d been meaning to do a post about Emdeon‘s EHR lite (that’s their term for their EHR) since I first heard about it at MGMA. While I think that EHR Lite might be some good branding, I’m not sure you can really classify Emdeon’s EHR as lite. I’m sure they’re just trying to differentiate themselves from the 300+ EHR companies out there. The idea of a lite EHR is great since it gives the impression that the EHR is easy to use and implement. Not a bad strategy at all.

As most of you know by now, instead of doing full reviews of EHR software I like to try and dig into the EHR software to try and find points of differentiation. When I talked to the people at Emdeon about their EHR lite, I wanted to do the same.

I think I found the thing that most differentiates Emdeon from many other EMR companies. it’s their network. Here’s a summary they sent me of their network:

Emdeon’s network encompasses:
340,000 providers
1,200 government and commercial payers
5,000 hospitals
81,000 dentists
60,000 pharmacies
600 vendor partners

I think if you asked most people what Emdeon the company did, you’d say claims processing. The title of their website for search engine rankings (at least that’s usually the intent) is Revenue Cycle Management. However, I won’t be surprise if they reinvent themselves a little bit and become a connection company.

I strongly believe that healthcare will be a very heterogeneous environment. Some might argue that 3-4 EHR vendors will dominate the market (which I don’t believe), but even if this is the case EHR software is still going to have to connect with hospitals, pharmacies, labs, payers, government entities etc. An EHR is going to be key to integrating with these other heterogeneous software as I do believe the EHR will be the “Operating System of Healthcare.”

Today a silo’d version of an EHR is not an issue at all. However, the writing on the tea leaves that I read is that healthcare providers that have a well connected EHR are going to be at an advantage. We’ll see if Emdeon can use their current connections as an advantage in this way.