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Today I happened to meet with someone who was working a Las Vegas job fair. It was convenient for me to stop by while he was there, so I did so we could talk business. I’ll be honest that it bothered me a little bit personally to see the hundreds of people standing in line waiting to enter the job fair. Sure I’d seen and heard the reports of the 5000 people who showed up for 750 jobs. Although, it’s quite a different thing to see it first hand. Thankfully, I had my business discussion and left before I had to hear the hard stories that I’m sure many of them could share. Then again, I’m sure I would have also seen some amazing optimism and excitement from those looking to land a job to change their life.

On my drive home, I couldn’t help but think about the healthcare IT job situation. We’ve often written about the shortage of qualified healthcare IT & EHR talent to be able to service the onslaught of EHR software that we are seeing right now. Even for EHR vendors it’s a bit of a dog fight to get the very best people to work for them. Yet, I’ve also heard on EMR Thoughts from far too many healthcare IT certificate program students that can’t find a job. I’m not going to lie to say it makes my heart break. I do what I can and refer them to people I know who help with this stuff for a living, but it’s hard.

I think Jennifer Dennard must feel very similar to me since she’s written on the healthcare IT Worforce development and social media resources for healthcare IT job seekers to just name a few of her posts on the subject. It’s just a hard contrast for me to see hospitals and other healthcare related companies that can’t find qualified people and so many people still without jobs.

I’m not sure how many people know that I have an EMR and EHR job board. It’s not a real big thing, but it has a ton of different EMR, EHR, HIPAA, and Healthcare IT related jobs posted there. Here are a few that were posted specifically for the EMR and EHR community:
EMR Software Programmer
Director, HIPAA Compliance
Ambulatory EMR Server Administrator

The jobs listed above appear in the sidebar of many of the Healthcare Scene websites. Hopefully this is one small way to help both EHR and Healthcare companies find qualified talent and help those searching for a job in healthcare IT learn more about the needs and open jobs.