EHR Vendors Using EHR Certification Excuse

Posted on October 11, 2012 I Written By

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As most of you have probably figured out by now, I’m not really a fan of EHR certification because I believe there is very little value provided by EHR certification. An interesting additional problem that comes from EHR certification and meaningful use has to do with how EHR vendors are using this as an excuse for why their EHR sucks doesn’t work the way doctors want it to work.

Don’t just think that I’m making this idea up. I first thought about this idea when a doctor wrote me about his experience with an EHR vendor that used EHR certification as an excuse for why their EHR software’s workflow was terrible.

The interaction went something like this:
Doctor: Why do I have to do these extra 5 clicks?
EHR Vendor: That’s required by EHR certification.
Doctor: That provides no value to the care I provide a patient.
EHR Vendor: Sorry, we have to do that for EHR certification.
Doctor: What about this other prompt I get in your EHR? Why does that come up and disrupt my workflow?
EHR Vendor: That’s another EHR certification and meaningful use requirement.

You’ll notice that I made the complaints generic, because they likely could apply to almost any measure in meaningful use and EHR certification requirement.

I’ve seen first hand the efforts that some EHR vendors have put forward to try and make sure that their doctors don’t have this discussion with them. You can be sure it takes a lot of time, energy, and skilled professionals to make meaningful use and EHR certification a seamless part of a practitioner’s EHR experience.

The problem is that many many EHR vendors just ran the EHR certification race and in an attempt to win that race they just slapped something together to meet the requirements. This I want to be the “first” EHR vendor certified mentality is causing many doctors to pay the price today.

Is it any wonder that many doctors look at meaningful use and are upset by the way it’s changing the way they practice medicine?