Blausen Google Chrome Extension for Health Information

Posted on November 9, 2012 I Written By

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A while back, I suggested that EHR vendors might want to integrate Google Search into their EHR. I still think this is a really interesting idea since I’m sure that many are doing Google Searches regularly as part of the care they provide.

While I’m sure that many doctors use Google searches in their care, I was really intrigued by a demo video I saw of the Blausen Google Chrome extension. Rather than try and explain it, you can watch the video demo:

This is a really fascinating product and a simple way to distribute the content that Blausen has available in their library. While the Google Chrome extension is interesting, I could see something similar easily added to an EHR interface.

Imagine a doctor wanting to show a video demonstrating something to their patient. Straight from their EHR, they could pull up the Blausen video and show the patient in a really rich way something about their condition.

Of course, we’re just at the start of what could be done with great visual education like this. Over time I’m sure we’ll be able to get to very specific parts of a video or pieces of education. We’ll be able to publish the educational information you saw in the office in your patient portal. Not only does that reinforce what was said in the office, but it also provides patients a great way to share what’s going on with their loved ones.

I know Force Therapeutics is doing work like this with videos for Physical Therapists and Orthopedics. I think we’re going to see a lot more video integration into our patient care over the next couple years and that’s a very good thing.