10 Tips for Selecting the Right EHR

Posted on November 30, 2012 I Written By

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I recently stumbled upon the Insight Data Group website. I don’t know much about the organization, but they had an interesting page on their site listing 10 tips for selecting the right EHR. Here are there 10 tips.

  • Make sure the EHR is easy to use and customize
  • Get training and more training
  • Buy the ‘right sized’ solution for your practice
  • Know who’s filing your insurance claims
  • Get and check references
  • Get mobility / portability access
  • Use the government’s money to pay for your EHR
  • Compare total cost of ownership not monthly payments
  • Know the financial stability and reputation of your EHR vendor
  • Make sure your vendor’s meaningful use guarantee is meaningful

They have a full explanation of each tip at the link above, but I thought it was an interesting list to share. I have a little bias for the e-Book I wrote on EHR selection, but this is a good quick list to consider if you’re in the EHR selection and EHR implementation process. I would be careful with the government money recommendation. I’d probably have said, “Consider using the government’s money to pay for your EHR.”

Of course, many of you are likely already past this process. However, I know that many of you will need this list in a year or two when your current EHR software doesn’t deliver what you expected it to deliver. We’re already seeing this now, but the replacement EHR market is going to be huge over the next few years.