Escape the Fire – Healthcare Documentary Film

Posted on March 8, 2013 I Written By

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I first heard about the Escape the Fire film coming out when Neil Versel posted about it on Meaningful Health IT News. I was really intrigued by the things he mentioned about the film and now after seeing the film I wasn’t disappointed. The film does a good job describing some of the major challenges associated with healthcare today.

Here’s the trailer if you want to learn more about what Escape the Fire is about:

For those interested in just seeing the film, you can buy Escape Fire: Fight to Rescue American Healthcareon Amazon or you can watch the Escape the Fire video on CNN this Sunday, March 10 at 8:00pm & 11:00pm ET. It’s great that CNN has picked up the documentary and will be getting it out to a larger audience.

I also love that the Escape the Fire website has a place where you can “Engage the Issues” and do something in your sphere of influence to improve healthcare. The amazing thing is that we can all do something. Even if that something is as simple as living a healthier lifestyle. That will make a huge difference.

As you’ll see in this movie, the problems in healthcare aren’t simple. In fact, they are very complex and hard to overcome, but one of the first steps to solving the issues is understanding them. This film is a good start to helping a larger group of people understand the issues that plague healthcare.

One challenge I did have with the movie was that it felt like two videos pushed into one. On the one end was the current state of the healthcare system and the other was the military healthcare issues. While there’s certainly plenty of issue overlap, I think that this could have easily been divided into two films as opposed to cramming the two subjects into one.

While I think most of the issues presented in the film aren’t anything new for those of us in healthcare, it was nice to see them all laid out in one place. I’m sure I’ll be thinking a lot about what’s presented for many years to come.