Connecting Physicians with Pharma Reps

Posted on September 19, 2013 I Written By

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I was recently introduced to an interesting new offering in the healthcare IT space that’s trying to help facilitate the physician – pharma sales rep relationship called RxVantage. It’s always been an awkward dance between the two groups and so it’s interesting to see a company focused on facilitating the relationship. Pharma reps can bring a lot of value to a doctor when it comes to information on a new drug and access to samples for their patients. However, those reps can also be a drain on their day to day activities unless they’re managed well. This video from RxVantage is a funny look at the challenge:

I’ll admit that I’m no expert on the pharma sales rep business, but I’ve seen first hand the challenge of their job and doctors trying to juggle that relationship. I think RxVantage is an interesting way to try and facilitate the relationship between the two groups.

With pharma reps having more and more challenges and roadblocks to their relationship with doctors, it’s interesting to see a proactive way to manage that relationship. Plus, this provides a simple way to track your relationship and interaction with each provider. In some ways it’s almost like a CRM for pharma sales reps, but largely driven by the physician practice.

I’m sure we’re looking at more and more regulations when it comes to the relationship between pharma and doctors. Finding a way to manage that relationship a midst the changing regulations is going to be important.