Off Subject: Black Friday

Posted on November 29, 2013 I Written By

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What’s your thoughts of Black Friday? Yes, this post has nothing to do with EMR and EHR, but you should be on vacation and spending time with family. Plus, if you’re at work you could probably use a diversion as well. So, let’s talk about Black Friday.

I ironically posted a Healthcare IT Black Friday post over on EMR and HIPAA today. I’ll be interested to see how many people like the idea of giving the gift of e-learning this holiday season. Nothing like giving the gift of learning. Although, I’m sure many would love chocolate as well. Of course, no reason you can’t do both.

How do you approach Black Friday? Do you brave the stores and find great deals? Are you like me and think that most of the black friday deals aren’t all that big of a deal?

As someone who doesn’t mind crowds, I don’t mind the crowded shopping. In fact, I kind of relish in a packed mall, full of people hustling and bustling around during the holiday season. My wife on the other hand hates it. However, I don’t see any need to get out and do all my shopping on Black Friday.

I don’t see shopping for gifts as a chore, but as a fun time to find something that will brightens someone’s day. I definitely don’t go overboard on gift giving. I try to be thoughtful and provide something of meaning and value to the people who receive my gifts. If I can’t find something that reaches those goals, I usually don’t give a gift.

Since I can’t resist comparison, I think this is a little like healthcare IT. Too often we try to force something that doesn’t make sense. That almost always leads to a failed or defunct project. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be creative. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t push the envelope. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t create change in our organizations. In fact, I’d argue that it will take extra creativity, pushing the envelope, and change to do what we know we should be doing in healthcare IT.

Either way, I guess you could call this my day off from blogging. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Regardless, I hope you’re having a great holiday weekend.