EMR Focus, EMR Integrated Patient Data, and EMR Patient Safety

Posted on March 2, 2014 I Written By

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The last comment in this tweet is something I’ve hammered home over the years. It’s a simple concept when you hear it and everyone agrees. It also explains at least some of the frustration with EHR software in their current iterations. I’ve often wondered what an EMR designed for healthcare would look like instead of the EMR’s designed for revenue capture that we have today. I actually think we may get to see the answer to this in the concierge medicine area.

This article by one of the smartest people in this space, Dr. Joseph Kvedar, is really well done. I’ve long been interested in the pathway to integrating patient collected data into the EMR. I’m excited to read that Partners is close to making it a reality. It’s definitely just the first step, but that’s how it all gets started. Dr. Kvedar does make an extra observation in the article about the 5% sickest patients that they want to target aren’t using mobile devices and health trackers. That’s an important observation that’s worthy of deeper consideration.

These signs have always bothered me. I appreciate Dr. Nick tweeting about it. I know we put up a sign like it 9 years ago when I first helped do an EMR implementation. We didn’t go as far as this sign, but definitely wanted them to understand the delay. There’s a fine line between good customer service and freaking out the patients. My favorite signs I’ve seen tout the EHR as the second coming of quality patient care. I hope the practices that put up these signs can live up to that promise.