What Happens in Vegas … will be Tweeted During #HITMC

Posted on April 4, 2014 I Written By

As Social Marketing Director at Billian, Jennifer Dennard is responsible for the continuing development and implementation of the company's social media strategies for Billian's HealthDATA and Porter Research. She is a regular contributor to a number of healthcare blogs and currently manages social marketing channels for the Health IT Leadership Summit and Technology Association of Georgia’s Health Society. You can find her on Twitter @JennDennard.

And the excitement in healthcare IT continues. Whether you’re worried about ICD-10, our government’s proclivity for voice votes, or the lack of response from one industry group or another, there has been no shortage of water cooler topics this week.

The impending Healthcare IT Marketing & PR Conference is at the top of my list when it comes to discussion topics. Regular readers of HealthcareScene.com may already know that it kicks off Monday, April 7, in Las Vegas. I’m looking forward to networking with many of my #HITsm friends, and speaking on a panel about social media ROI with several leading experts. I find tremendous value in social networking before, during and after events like this, so I thought I’d offer a list of speakers’ Twitter handles to help those of us getting ready for Vegas jump into conversations early. (You may also consider it my handy list of #FF mentions.) For those not attending, do yourself a favor and follow the #HITMC hashtag over the next several days and register for the live video stream (Note: It’s Free). I will definitely try to cover session takeaways via Twitter on @JennDennard.

Shahid Shah@ShahidNShah

John Lynn@techguy and @ehrandhit

Warren Whitlock@WarrenWhitlock

Julia Goebel @goebeljulia

Marcy Fleisher@fleish

Jodi Amendolajamendola

Kate Ottavio@kottavio

Sam Stern@mHealthMarketer

Mandi Bishop@mandibpro

Joy DiNaro@TheSocialJoy

Cari McLean@carimclean

Dr. Patricia Salber@docweighsin

Scott Collins@sscottcollins

Tim Tyrell-Smith@TimsStrategy

Michelle Boucher@medmastermind

Sunny Tara @SunnyTaraVegas

Christine Slocumb@CLSlocumb

Shane Pilcher @spilcher

Thomas Knoll@thomasknoll

Chandresh Shah@chandresh27

Stacy Goebel@stacygoebel

Beth Friedman@HealthITPR

Erin Wabol @HealthITMktg

Brad Dodge@braddodge

Don Seamons@donseamons

Kristine Schachinger @schachin

Jeff Walker@ContentCarnivor

Check out the conference website for more details about what the experts above will be speaking about. See you in Vegas, or via the #HITMC hashtag!