Healthcare IT Innovation – #HITsm Chat Topics

Posted on April 10, 2014 I Written By

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I’m excited to be hosting this week’s #HITsm chat. For those not familiar with it, every Friday at Noon EST we all follow the #HITsm tag on Twitter and participate in a Twitter chat covering 4-5 questions. If you want to participate you can just watch, or chime in with your own thoughts and questions. To do so, just add the #HITsm tag to your tweets. I’m the host this week and so I chose the topic and questions.

I’ve had healthcare IT innovation on my mind a lot lately, and so I thought it would make for an interesting topic. It might be worth reading my first LinkedIn post called “Why We Should be Optimistic in Healthcare.” In that post I outline why I think there’s a lot of innovation in healthcare that’s about to happen and that’s why I’m so optimistic.

I hope you’ll join me and a few hundred others on Twitter for the #HITsm chat. Here are the topics we’ll be discussing. Feel free to start the discussion early in the comments.

Topic 1: Can innovation happen within the current healthcare beauracracy or will innovation have to replace our current model?

Topic 2: What’s the most innovative thing you’ve seen in healthcare IT in the last 6 months?

Topic 3: What type of results will we see from the tricorder Xprize? Does innovation come from contests like this?

Topic 4: If you had a million dollars you had to invest in health IT, where or how would you invest it?

Topic 5: Think 5-10 years out, what will be the most exciting innovation in healthcare?