Getting Paid for Telemedicine

Posted on March 30, 2015 I Written By

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In case you’re like me and missed the slow rolling out of reimbursement for telemedicine, it looks like it’s slowly becoming a reality. 22 state mandated reimbursement of telemedicine is a really big deal. Makes you wonder if a federal law will be far away.

The biggest complaint I’ve heard over and over from doctors about telemedicine is that they don’t get paid to do it. Sure, every once in a while some will say that they’re not sure how well they can treat a patient over video (which is true in a number of cases), but the majority of the physicians I talk to would have no issue using telemedicine if they could just get paid for doing the work.

In fact, I think it’s some pretty genius marketing of Chiron Health (who created the tweet above) for mentioning in their Twitter profile that they’re a telemedicine provider and they want doctors to get paid for it. That’s a message the resonates with many doctors.

In fact, I think Chiron Health’s website hits the key areas where I’ve seen telemedicine taking off: Follow-Up, Chronic Patients and Behavioral Health. This image from their website describes well where I see Telemedicine working well:
Telemedicine Options

I’ll admit that I didn’t know anything about Chiron Health until today (Looks like they’re hiring which is a good sign for a company). However, I’m impressed by the way they’re approaching the telemedicine market. I’d love to learn more about the ways they help doctors get paid for telemedicine. Although, I’m certain that list is about to grow in a really amazing way. I have no doubt that telemedicine will be an important part of the future of healthcare.