90% of the World’s Data Was Created in the Last 12 Months

Posted on October 14, 2015 I Written By

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Vala Afshar shared the following data insight from @salesforce.

Then, Jim Rawson, MD asked an important question for those of us in healthcare: How do you plan to manage it?

I’ve been having a discussion around healthcare data with a lot of people recently. One person I talked with at MGMA says we need more filters with that data. I thought it was interesting that he used the word filters. I’m not sure it’s quite the right word since filters means you only look at part of the data. In healthcare we need something that looks at all the data, but only boils up the data that matters to the healthcare provider at the time and place they need it.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen most healthcare analytics and healthcare data companies focused on the data. I haven’t seen many of them really work on the intelligence (filters if you prefer) that’s needed on top of that data. Healthcare organizations need solutions. They don’t need more tools.

We all know why companies are providing tools as opposed to solutions. It’s much easier to build the tools. It’s much harder to discover and share the solutions. However, the reward is going to be massive for those organizations that provide solutions.

Going back to the original question: How do you plan to manage all the data? I think that most healthcare providers have no idea. I think they assume they’ll be able to purchase solutions that do the work for them. I’m not seeing many of those solutions yet, but I’m sure they’re coming.