EHR Data Integration and Changing Health Behaviors

Posted on November 16, 2015 I Written By

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Every so often I like to highlight interesting tweets from the Twittersphere and add some of my own commentary. Here’s a few of them worth mentioning today.

How many EHR integrate with Fitbit? I’ve seen a few partial integrations, but none of them that really make an impact on the patients life. At best I’ve seen them take the data in, but then they do nothing with it. I’d love to see some examples where the EHR is actually doing something with the Fitbit data. In fact, is there anyone taking Fitbit data and making it more useful than what it is in the Fitbit app?

Speaking of outside data (Fitbit data), I agree with IBM that we’re heading towards a lot more data than just what the EMR can provide. In fact, I think the real breakthroughs in health care are going to come from the mixing of multiple data sources into a pretty little package with a bow on top. We’re still Christopher Columbus looking for the new world though. However, unlike Columbus, I know the world isn’t flat (ie. there’s value in the data).

I love when things are timely. I’m extremely interested in this discussion about behavior change in health care. I’m glad that the #hcldr chat is about this topic. I’ll be watching with a keen eye on what people share. I hope everyone will take the time to share their thoughts on how to change people’s health behaviors.