Physician Focused on Computer Screen, Not Patient

Posted on April 5, 2016 I Written By

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Definitely sends a message to the patient. I’m still just surprised that it’s still happening, but it is:

What’s annoying to me is that there are simple solutions to this problem. Not the least of which is positioning the screen in a way that you can look at your patient while you’re working on the computer. An even better way is Dr. James Legan’s approach that he calls #ProjectedEHR. In Dr. Legan’s case he plugs in an HDMI cable so that patients can see him work in the EHR. Plus, he can show patients their results and other health info.

Plenty of other doctors just choose not to document in the exam room so they can focus on the patient. As mobile EHR interfaces develop, I could see a partial documentation done on a mobile phone or tablet and then the rest of the documentation done after the fact as well. I’m a little surprised we haven’t seen more of this already.

Of course, I’ve written for many years about the coming video EHR. That would be a game changer. Although, would certainly take a dramatic change in perspective. Scribes are also popular with many people I know. I’ve even heard of people working on remote scribes which is quite interesting.

What other solutions have you employed to combat the challenges of interacting with patients and the EHR?