and AMA News Magazine Shutting Down

Posted on August 27, 2013 I Written By

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I was sad to read the news that the AMA is shutting down both it’s news magazine and I’ve always been fond of the EHR articles I’ve found on They were always a great in depth look at an important topic. It’s unfortunate that on Sept 9th AM News will stop publication. Word is that the website is also shutting down, but the content will be available until the end of the year.

The report says that the AMA news magazine has a print circulation of 230,000. I checked for stats on the website and it has at ~30,000 unique visitors per month with spikes to 50,000 unique visitors. The shutdown effects 20 employees and per the article linked above, publishing brought in $55.8 million in revenue.

I’m a little torn by this announcement. I’m always sorry when a news organization goes under. I prefer having many voices covering what’s happening in healthcare and healthcare IT. However, as a blogger in this space, I’m also amazed that a $55.8 million budget isn’t enough to support the organization. Of course, I’m sure I’m not taking into account the crazy expense of creating and distributing a print magazine. It’s too bad the AMA wasn’t able to make the switch from print circulation to some sort of online publication with much lower costs of distribution. Where’s the app?

The majority of revenue for AM News came from pharmaceutical advertising. The fact that pharma advertising is moving away from these publications is interesting to note. I’m not sure exactly where all the pharma marketing money is headed, but there’s definitely a shift happening with those dollars. My gut tells me that their still in search of the next wave of pharma marketing options.

I also found it interesting that AM News is being replaced by two email lists. One is called AMA Morning Rounds and is a daily email with links to news stories and the other is a weekly newsletter called AMA Wire. I’m not discounting the power of email like many people do, but is this really the best that the AMA can offer its members?

In some ways, I’m sorry to see something that was started 55 years ago in 1958 go away. On the other hand, the evolution of publishing is changing rapidly. The cost to deliver great content to someone is so much lower than before. However, one thing will never change. People want great content. It’s just how we deliver it and how they discover it that will change.