Doc Vader Rants on CHF Readmissions and Scribes – Fun Friday

Posted on November 2, 2018 I Written By

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It’s Friday after a week full of candy from Halloween. Given all the candy that’s been consumed this week, I thought Doc Vader’s most recent rant on CHF Bouncebacks was quite appropriate for a Fun Friday post. Doc Vader takes a swipe at scribes at the same time too (literally if you count lightsabers to the head, but watch to see what I mean). Check out the video below to see what I mean.

Unfortunately, I don’t think shame is the answer. I’m not sure a video like this is the answer either though. However, the popeyes piece gave me a good laugh. Plus, the best part is the comments on YouTube. Go and check them out and you can see that ZDoggMD’s videos really resonate with doctors. Here’s a sample of one that was hard to believe:

One time, a scribe didn’t know a diagnosis so she went with what she “thought it sounded like” and we ended up getting a call from the CDC because what she “thought it sounded like” was varicella major

And this one that’s even harder to believe:

On the scribe note: we had a patient with the surname Noenglish. Because I am pretty sure the scribe just heard the patient say “No English” when he/she asked the patient their surname.

I guess it’s fair to say that not all scribes are created equal. Not all doctors are either which is obvious when you watch Doc Vader in action.