Crypto Breach at Hospital, EHR Customization, and Some EHR Humor – Twitter Roundup

Posted on February 7, 2018 I Written By

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It had been a while since we did a Twitter roundup. So many interesting, entertaining, and insightful things are shared. We decided to keep this one light but valuable. We hope you enjoy the Twitter roundup and some of our own added commentary.

Not sure this is the first, but certain it’s not the last. A lot of money to be made from cryptocurrency mining and hospitals have a lot of CPU that can be stolen to mine cryptocurrency. This is going to become a popular malware. It goes mostly hidden from site and so many organizations don’t even realize what’s happening.

If you’ve been part of an EHR implementation you know that Linda is right. However, there are some general lessons learned that are extremely valuable and help every implementation or now EHR optimization. The question I’d ask is, should EHR be standard?

I should have saved this for a Fun Frdiay post, but why not treat Wednesday like Friday. Some other replies to this tweet were just as hilarious (until you realize what they really mean):
If my patients went unresponsive as often as my EMR, I’d be a coroner. – @FredWuMD

Just spray a little epi into the USB port – @roto_tudor

Yes it would be like an episode of the resident. Multiple codes a day. @CaitlynMooneyMD