Fine Thinking Friday

Posted on October 17, 2014 I Written By

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I just posted a tweet summary of today’s #HITsm chat about meaningful use. It was full of amazing insights on what’s happening with EHR, meaningful use and healthcare IT. There were so many insights that it got really long, but go and read it anyway. It’s still just a bunch of easily digestible tweets.

Since the post was getting too long, I didn’t want to make it longer by including some of the off topic tweets that were sent during the #HITsm chat. I guess that’s where it’s an advantage to have a full network of EHR and Healthcare IT blogs. I decided that I’d share the really interesting off topic tweets from today’s Twitter chat here.

What a great discussion between Keith and Stephanie. I think we’d all like to see a “little less talk…a lot more action!” (sorry to get that song in your head, but I had to do it)

Gregg Masters response to this tweet was spot on: “Bingo! you nailed the problem. ‘complexity’.” It is super complex and Mandi’s right that no doctor is going to go through the trouble. Bernadette also replied to the tweet and said that “Experts like you are precious.” Very true!

This is the challenge that we’ll be dealing with for a while to come. The shift will not be easy.

I love when a Twitter chat goes off topic. These tweets are great examples of why I like it. Definitely worthy of a Fine Thinking Friday post!