Are There Any Doctors Optimistic About Healthcare?

Posted on October 9, 2015 I Written By

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I realize that that’s a kind of catch all title, but it seems to be the case the more doctors I talk to about healthcare. Don’t get me wrong. I know a bunch of optimistic doctors. They are optimistic about life. They are optimistic about their patients. They are even optimistic about the future of the care that can be provided patients. In fact, it’s hard to be a doctor today and not be a bit of an optimist.

However, amidst all of that optimism I don’t many (possibly any) doctors that are optimistic about where healthcare is headed. We write about technology and EHR most of the time here, but this goes far beyond technology. Sure, EHR is the scapegoat for complaints when many times the real complaint is about the healthcare system in general.

My post about the myth of “Too Many EHR Clicks” has drawn the ire of many doctors. While there are plenty of issues with EHR software (especially some of them), most of the complaints I hear about too many clicks are a reflection of regulation and reimbursement. It still begs the question of whether an EHR can be beautifully built with very few clicks in the current regulation and reimbursement environment.

I get the pain. This tweet is an example of doctors reactions:

I could just as easily hear about doctors leaving medicine because they were spending too much time charting and not enough time with patients. Imagine if the meaningful use requirements were around in a paper chart world. We’d have even more complaints about time spent charting than we have today with EHR.

All of this to say that I don’t see much optimism about the future of healthcare from the doctors I meet. Will we reach the point that doctors kick against all of these pains and something changes? Do you see something on the horizon that will alleviate the pains that doctors now deal with today?

I’m excited by the technologies that will come out and change healthcare. I’m not optimistic that regulations and reimbursement will get any better. In fact, a lot of signs point to it getting much worse.