Is EHR on Life Support? Short Answer…No

Posted on October 10, 2014 I Written By

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Today, David Swink sent me a link to an article from the Washington Examiner and this quote from the article:

“A revolt is brewing among doctors and hospital administrators over electronic medical records systems mandated by one of President Obama’s early health care reforms.”

“The American Medical Association called for a “design overhaul” of the entire electronic health records system in September because, said AMA president-elect Steven Stack, electronic records “fail to support efficient and effective clinical work.”

It seems like there have been a wave of articles similar to this coming out in the national media. For some reason the national media only likes to report on things when “the sky is falling.” It’s kind of a ridiculous report though.

What’s not ridiculous is that many doctors are dissatisfied with their EHR software. That is something that is real and many are extremely frustrated with it and many of the EHR regulations that require a lot of extra work by them. Does that mean that we’re going to see an EHR “design overhaul” or that the doctors are going to revolt against EHRs and stop using them?

My answer (as the headline alludes) is that it’s not going to happen. Certainly we’re going to see some EHR switching over the next few years. In fact, we might see a lot of EHR switching. However, we’re not going to see a mass of people revolting against EHR and going back to paper. That would be a true revolt and it’s just not going to happen. Like it or not, EHR is the go forward technology that will be used by healthcare to document healthcare.

Meaningful use on the other hand is a different story. I do think that meaningful use is on life support. If the congress can somehow get the Flex-IT Act to pass, then we can take meaningful use off life support, but I’m still not planning to discharge MU from the hospital. The program has some serious health issues.

On a more optimistic note, I’m really excited to see what doctors and hospitals start doing with the data stored in EHR. Is it everything we want it to be? No, but I believe we’re still going to see a lot of good come from EHR software now that EHR’s are implemented and we’ve largely got MU behind us.