One Doctor’s View of ePrescribing and Meaningful Use Incentives and Penalties

Posted on January 20, 2012 I Written By

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I came upon this comment from Kay Kirchler, MD in regards to the ePrescribing penalties and other government incentive money for health IT. You’ll have to overlook the poor grammar and abbreviations, but I wonder how many other doctors feel the way Dr. Kirchler does.

who made all these rules and why are we just lying down and taking it? the arbitrary requirement for “10 escribes ” by june 30th or “penelty” when our emr ( we have had emr for >>10 yrs) will not escribe due to delay in “retro-fitting ” our emr instead of spending yet another fortune for a new “government approved ” version. the requirement to print out visit note to be available w/i 3 days rule .. rediculous. pts dont want it , not going to pick it up, costly and opens door for pts info to be floating out in parking lots, garbage cans etc .. i could go on for days. i spend more time loading info in emr ( much more w “meaningless use” than i do taking care of the patient .why are we not organizing to stand up and fight this power grab !!!!

The line that gets me is the one where he says that he spends more time loading data into the EMR than he spends with the patient. As a patient, the idea of this just makes me cringe. However, it’s a reality for many.

The other part that is quite interesting is that there really haven’t been many physician voices in all of this. There’s definitely not been any #OccupyMeaningfulUse protests happening by doctors. The closest thing I’ve seen to doctors rising up against Meaningful Use and other government programs for health IT has been at medical association conferences where doctors have gotten quite worked up. However, the message rarely leaves the medical conference. Plus, the majority of doctors in the room just shake their head, but don’t do anything after that.

I imagine many doctors look at it and see EHR software as the inevitable.